Desiree L Medellin

Desiree means – “Daughter of the Sky”

Personality: Stubbornly Independent

Loves: Her family

Hates: Narcissistic Liars

Gentle Side: She helps without expecting anything in return

Dark side: She is both the calm and the storm

A Piscean woman, who’s true symbol of a pisces happens to be two fish conjoined at the tail swimming in opposite directions creating a symbol of duplicity, balance, and conflict.

She is a woman that represents both balance and chaos, fire and water, yin and yang. Both a creator, and disruptor. A sinner, and a saint.

Among being a well rounded creative artists in the forms of writing, acting, and design, she is a very savvy business woman who is currently serving as a Co-Founder and Chief Brand Officer of The Bunker; an LA based social club.

Among performing in an executive role, she has remained dedicated to her training and pursuit of simultaneously honing her craft as a professional actress while adding both producer and director credits to her name with the launch of her series “The Enthusiast”.

Aside from running two companies, and serving as an Executive Consultant for other brands she still finds time to volunteer. Community service, and giving back is something she has always been passionate about. When she isn’t signing petitions on some of the foundations she participates in range from Reading to Kids, to planting trees at Tree People Park, clean up efforts, as well as lending her time and hands at local animal shelters.

She is originally from Dallas Texas, of which she still considers home being that all of her family resides there, and prides herself on being a southern girl. She is seemingly down to earth, and very family oriented. Desiree was raised the oldest of three girls, and is the first to say she grew up with a lot of responsibility of which has greatly contributed to her tendencies of being “a little bossy”.

Coming from a very humble beginning that consisted of being raised by a single mother, and knowing no privileges other than being born in this country, Desiree grew up inadvertently knowing what it means to be considered an “at-risk-youth”, overcoming many obstacles, and working her way to where she finds herself today not only as a business woman, and actress, but as a woman that is mentally and emotionally healthy, living her life’s motto…”never count me out” has lead her desire in creating a Non-Profit organization for women and children of domestic violence called Pretty for a Purpose which aims to empower young girls and women to pursue a path in business, and professional development.

This year Desiree intends to add author to her title with the release of her first book of poems and short stories called “Versions of Love.”

Needless to say, if all you were to see is a pretty face, you will have missed her point and purpose of being completely.

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